About Us

Our mission is “To re-introduce cultural values, traditions and history that promote healing and empowerment for youth, families and communities in crisis”. Our motto is “Cultural empowerment for families in crisis”. Sisters In Common, (SIC), is a non-profit community based organization. We provide services that reduce the Social Determinates of Health disparities of the adults, children, and families in our communities. We work to empower our clients to resolve their personal, and situation disturbances in ways that accomplish quality and effective outcomes. To ensure community-informed, culturally-competent services, that address client Health Related Social Needs, we always hire directly from their cultural and ethnic communities. To ensure effective communications, the client’s services are based on their culture and language spoken. Services include client screenings, consultations, referrals, brief intervention treatment, counseling, and case management. We determine the equitable (re)allocation of resources on an ongoing basis to serve our communities according to their SDoH needs. We use evidence-based and emerging practice to:
  • Developing corrective procedures to alleviate Psycho-social and Family Dysfunction.
  • Confer with other professionals to determine the nature of dysfunction.
  • Observe interaction and conduct both clinical and non-clinical interviews to identify problems related to factors such as trauma, adult, child and/or family Social Determinants of Health issues, (SDoH).
  • Evaluate client integrated-qualitative-quantitative data to determine the advisability of direct services or referral to other specialists.
  • Provide occupation and education information to enable individuals to formulate realistic social and vocational goals.
  • Follow up results of services to determine the reliability and validity of interventions used.


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