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The Community Small Business Resiliency Grant Program – Successful grant applicants will be eligible for up to $10,000.

  • Alert date October 23, 2020


    Covid 19 Related Resource

    To support small businesses during the COVID19 pandemic, the Washington State Department of Commerce has developed The Community Small Business Resiliency Grant Program.

    Commerce’s intent is to award each eligible applicant the maximum award available up to $10,000, based on the number of applications. HOWEVER, if the award per applicant would be less than $4,000 based on volume of eligible applicants, the applications will be reviewed and scored to determine award.

    The Community Small Business Resiliency Grant Program is available to eligible* small businesses licensed in Washington State. Businesses must have been in operation since March 1, 2019 and have no more than 20 employees. Grant funds can be used to cover working capital shortfalls due to COVID-19 hardship.*

    ** Businesses that meet ONE or MORE of the following criteria ARE NOT ELIGIBLE:
    Established after Mar. 1, 2019.
    Had more than 20 payroll employees as of Mar. 1, 2020.
    Did not experience a financial loss due to the COVID-19 crisis.
    Does not have a valid/current Washington State business license.
    Has outstanding compliance or regulatory issues as of Mar. 1st, 2020 with state and federal agencies.
    Has been disbarred by the federal government.
    Is a licensed marijuana/cannabis operation in Washington State.
    Is a K-12 school, college or university, library, non-profit organization, or government entity/agency.
    Is actively pursuing a bankruptcy declaration.
    Has received more than $5,000 from the Working Washington Small Business Emergency Grant.
    Has received funding for the same expenses and not “double-dipping” for claimed expenses (not using other funding received from local, state or federal sources to cover the same expenses)

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