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As CORONAVIRUS cases rise, “South King County hospitals ‘already near 100% capacity’, Auburn ER doctor Stephen Anderson.

  • Alert date November 11, 2020

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    According to Auburn ER doctor Stephen Anderson “Hospitals in South King County where I work are already functioning near 100% capacity on a daily basis.

    Washington state health officials continue to express concerns over a sizable uptick in new COVID cases. That’s especially prominent in South King County among communities of color.

    In the midst of that, local hospitals are already feeling the strain, according to Auburn ER doctor Stephen Anderson.

    “This disease is racist,” he said. “It’s not genetic, but there’s a horrifying disparity between racial demographics, mostly due to longstanding variations in policies and economics. That’s driven by a variety of socioeconomic factors, including the fact that people of color “live in closer proximity,” they often have jobs in the service industry that don’t provide the ability to work from home, and they have “decreased access to health care” to go along with several risk factors like chronic lung conditions, obesity, hypertension, and diabetes.

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