Sisters In Common places a high value on community engagement in all aspects of our work, including the planning and decision-making processes of our services. Community Engagement in Planning: SISTERS IN COMMON engages the community in the planning of our services through various means. We conduct surveys and hold focus groups or community conversations with our families, friends and neighbors to gather input on service content and priorities. We also use our “Community Alerts” tool to share information and gather feedback from our community members. Community Engagement in Decision Making: SISTERS IN COMMON includes the community in decision-making processes by seeking their feedback and incorporating it into our decisions.
We have established a checkout-feedback loop with our staff, clients, and community leadership/stakeholders, routinely requesting information and feedback about the types, quantity, and quality of services. This ensures that the community’s voice is heard and valued in decision-making processes. Incorporating Feedback from the Community: SISTERS IN COMMON incorporates feedback from our communities in several ways. We include community responses and suggestions in all services and future planning. We also use community feedback to gauge ongoing satisfaction and generate ideas for improvement. This feedback is integral to our work, informing our strategies and shaping our services. Accountability to the Community: SISTERS IN COMMON includes accountability to the communities we serve in our process by being transparent about our goals, expectations, roles, and responsibilities. We also ensure that all partners are accountable for their roles and responsibilities. Moreover, we measure progress towards our goals, such as how many Communities Service Worker (CSW) Interns become Community Health Workers (CHW) or continue their education to provide health professional practice (AT-HPP). Our measurement methods of progress provides a clear indication of our accountability to the community. In sum, SISTERS IN COMMON engages our communities in the planning and decision-making processes, incorporates their feedback into our work, and includes accountability to the community in our process. This approach ensures that our work is community-informed, culturally competent, and effective in addressing the community’s Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) and Health Related Social Needs (HRSN).
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