Sisters In Common has a robust system for sharing information and communication, both internally and externally. Here are some of the ways WE do this: Feedback Loop: SISTERS IN COMMON has established a feedback loop with our staff, clients, and community leadership/stakeholders. We routinely request information and feedback about the types, quantity, and quality of services, including thoughts on how to improve services further. This two-way communication ensures that our services remain relevant and effective in addressing the needs of our community members. Training and Mentorship: SISTERS IN COMMON provides training to our AT-HPP Community Service Workers (CSW) and Community Health Workers (CHW) with support from staff who share the same culture. These trainings are conducted in the stipend intern’s primary language, ensuring clear and effective communication. Community Alerts Tool: SISTERS IN COMMON has created a “Community Alerts” tool as part of our website and phone-based communications infrastructure. This tool is effective in sharing SDoH and HRSN information while providing ongoing communication to all community members. Partnerships: SISTERS IN COMMON shares information and communicates with our partners to ensure the effectiveness of our collaborative efforts. We maintain open lines of communication with our partners, discussing goals, expectations, roles, and responsibilities, and addressing any issues or concerns as they arise. Surveys and Focus Groups: SISTERS IN COMMON uses surveys and conducts periodic conversations/focus groups to gather information from clients/community members, leadership/stakeholders about the quantity and quality of services from first contact to completion. This information is used to gauge ongoing satisfaction and ideas for improvement. Through these methods, SISTERS IN COMMON ensures that information is shared effectively, and communication is maintained with all relevant parties.

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