Our process of establishing partnerships involved a collaborative and inclusive approach. We engaged healthcare professionals, community representatives, and social service providers from and who served our communities. We held regular meetings and discussions to build trust, foster understanding, and identify shared goals.
Through open dialogue, we developed strong partnerships and collaborations, emphasizing cultural humility, respect, and inclusivity. We actively sought input from community leaders, faith organizations, and our underrepresented sub-groups to ensure that their voices were heard and their perspectives were incorporated into the work and services. This collaborative approach allowed us to leverage the expertise, resources, and networks of various stakeholders to address the complex health and social needs of our communities effectively.
Success for our work and services was defined by several key indicators. Firstly, we aimed to improve health outcomes and access to healthcare services for our served communities. This is measured by tracking the increase in client enrollment and monitoring their progress in achieving improved health indicators and outcomes. Additionally, success is also defined by the establishment of strong partnerships and collaborations between our healthcare professionals (e.g. physical and behavioral health), community representatives (e.g. business owners and workers, Health providers and faith leaders/stakeholders), and social service providers (e.g.. Community Case Managers and Health Workers) . The effectiveness of these partnerships is evaluated based on the level of collaboration, shared decision-making, and collective impact in addressing the community members identified physical and Health Related Social Needs. Furthermore, community engagement and empowerment is integral to the work and services success. We strived to ensure that community members actively participated in decision-making processes, have access to relevant resources and support, and felt empowered to advocate for their own health and well-being.
I see the single most valuable achievement resulting from our work and services was the significant reduction in the Covid-Long-Covid severe illness, and death rate among our African Heritage populations. By working together collaboratively, we successfully reduced the disparity in death rates between our community members and White majority individuals. This outcome showcased the effectiveness of our efforts in addressing the acute and chronic health-related needs of community members, particularly during the challenging times of the COVID-LONG-COVID pandemic. It highlighted the importance of trust, cultural humility, and access to high-quality healthcare information, treatments, and support from families, friends, and neighbors. This achievement demonstrated the positive impact of our collective work in improving health equity and saving lives and livelihoods within our communities.
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